Friday, October 30, 2020

Is Your Business Ready for the Holidays? Marketing, Promotional Products, and Planning.

The holidays come fast every year. If your business is not ready, now is the time to prepare. Marketing goals, promotional products, and budget planning are just a few things that your business has to consider. 




Marketing efforts entice customers to purchase from your business. Use referral programs as a method to gain new customers during the holidays. Each new person referred by a current customer means a discount or gift from your company. Word of mouth is one of the biggest ways to get a new customer to trust your business.


Direct customers throughout your store with easy-to-read graphics and displays. Promote social distancing with stickers on the ground so that people know where to stand while waiting in line. 


Make sure that your social media platforms and website are up-to-date. Each new holiday deal and promotion should be updated so that customers are aware of what to expect. 


Promotional Products and Gift Giving

Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day are some major upcoming dates. Get your promotional products and gifts ready for the season of giving.



Show clients, employees, and customers that you are thankful for them. If you run a small business, a simple handwritten thank-you card will make their day.


If your business gives out turkey or ham for the holidays, consider handing out kitchen thermometers to go along with it.


Small Business Saturday and Black Friday

These two days are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. Get customers into your store or on your website on these busy days with promotional products. 


There are so many places to choose from, so give people a reason to support your business. Offer customers a branded tote bag or blanket with their $75 purchase. 


Holiday Parties

It is almost the time of year when companies hold employee holiday parties. This year may be different for these parties due to COVID-19. Find unique ways to still show your employees you appreciate them. 


Figuring out holiday gift ideas for employees is difficult. Think about each of your employees’ personalities because everyone is motivated by something different. Take into account the season you are in. Gift a fall scented candle or personalized thermos


Planning for the Holidays

Set goals that your business wants to meet by the end of the 2020 holiday season. Put thought into your marketing, promotional products, gifts, and planning. 


Skylight Creative Ideas hopes that you enjoy the holiday season! We are a full-service promotional products company and have been a leader in the industry since 1977. Our goal is to provide innovative ideas, top-notch customer service, and quality products to help our clients meet and exceed their marketing and branding objectives. 


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Friday, October 23, 2020

How to Use Branded Products to Raise Money for a Cause

Raising money for a cause is a lot of work. Set a goal and end date that your organization or business wants to meet. Decide what fundraising efforts worked best in the past, and leverage them.



If you are looking for fundraising ideas for your college or high school, check out our blog post. There are various other causes to raise money for including breast cancer awareness month, local animal shelters, and environmental help. 


Use branded products to raise money for a cause. Here are a few fundraising ideas to get your organization or business started. 



Your organization has the option to give out branded products for free with a donation. Make it a set donation amount (ex.: Free t-shirt with a $20 donation). You can also just ask for any donation amount, where people might donate well over $20. 


Set up tables asking for donations for your branded products at popular local events and festivals. Ask if any businesses or restaurants want to partner up with your organization and allow you to raise money with your promotional products.



If your organization has a connection to a sports team or arena, ask them if you can sponsor a giveaway. Choose from high school, college, and pro leagues depending on your budget. The giveaway could be at the entrance of the game enticing fans to come into the game earlier, or they can be thrown out during timeouts. 


Popular ideas for this giveaway include customized t-shirts, sports-themed stress relievers, and drawstring bags


Although this is not a direct donation to your cause, it gets people interested in what you stand for. Your giveaway grabs people’s attention so they check out your website, follow your social media, and eventually donate to the cause. Your organization can also have people around the events talking about the cause and collecting donations.



Raffles are quick money makers for causes. They take a lot of planning but are typically very successful. Raffles usually include baskets filled with branded products, tickets to local events, and gift cards. Run your raffles as a silent auction or with raffle tickets. 


Add in products to the baskets that people will want to spend their money on. Some great ideas include stainless steel water bottles, hoodies, and hats


Choose the Right Products for Your Target Audience

There are always new ways to raise money for important causes, so continue to research and try new ideas. Keep donors interested by changing up your annual fundraising efforts.


Skylight Creative Ideas is a full-service promotional products company and has been a leader in the industry since 1977. Our goal is to provide innovative ideas, top-notch customer service, and quality products to help our clients meet and exceed their goals. 


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Friday, October 16, 2020

4 Types of Desk Organization

Working from home or in an office cubicle? Desk organization keeps your daily tasks running smoothly. Follow these four types of desk organization to keep your space clean–no matter where you are working from. 

Project and Task Organization

Avoid placing sticky notes all over your desk and office as reminders. This clutters the space, and people forget to look at them, anyway. Instead, use Google Sheets or Excel for your daily tasks and other projects. Here, you can prioritize everything that needs to be done. Give each item a due date so you stay on track. If you would rather handwriting everything, use a weekly organizer to plan down to the minute. 

Use a calendar for major projects, events, and meetings. A desk calendar or calendar pinned to the wall gives you easy writing access. Calendars are useful to glance at for the date when signing important documents.

Paper and Office Tool Organization

Sometimes organization tools are necessary for all the paper, pencils, and other office tools you have lying around. For on top of your desk, a small desk caddy is perfect to place your writing utensils, pushpins, and paper clips. An organization box has compartments to keep a cell phone, spare change, and other private belongings. 

Many times desk drawers get overlooked because the inside materials are hidden when closed. Steer clear from a messy “junk drawer” with an expandable drawer organizer. Keep important papers from getting lost or ruined with an accordion ring binder

It is easy to misplace items when traveling often or working in the office a few times a week. Keep your laptop and other materials in one place with a laptop travel backpack. Stay charged while on the go with a USB cord connected to the port. 

Electronic Organization

Cables and wires typically get out of hand around office desks with the many electronics. Stay organized and minimize the number of tangled materials. First, use fewer wires by going wireless with these items. 

A 3-in-1 charger will keep all your batteries fully charged. Easily organize the rest of the cables left with a cable organizer. The unique design allows you to use a large range of cables. The magnetic base and clips make it simple to return the cables to the correct position.

Desktop and Laptop Organization

Have you ever spent a long time trying to find a file on your desktop? While less paper keeps your physical desk more organized, sometimes your virtual files get messy. Spend a day organizing your folders and files. You must continue to coordinate so that this never happens again. 

Give each file a name easy to search. Name folders consistently. Everyone has a different method that works best for them, so take some time to figure yours out. Consider organizing folders by year, topic, or client. 

Stay Organized

Your desk organization will keep you productive throughout the workweek. If you are looking for more desk organization items, head to our website

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Small Marketing Budget? 12 Promotional Products Under $1

Your business does not have to break the bank when purchasing promotional products. Find items that attract new customers and clients. These cost-effective products cost less than $1. 

Office Supplies 

Everyone needs office supplies. Pens are always going missing, and paper gets used up. Check out these office supplies that are less than $1 each.

4" x 6" 25-Sheet Notepad

Add your brand’s logo to these notepads to give out to your employees as a thank you gift.

Sleek Rubberized Pens

Pens are useful for customers of any age. Add your branding to these pens so that whenever someone uses it they think of your company.

Jumbo Sized Letter Opener

This is a great desktop item for home and office use. Letters come in the mail daily, so this will get lots of use from your clients.

Tech Tattoos

These ultra-removable decals for technology are fun ways to put pride at your audience’s fingertips. These items are easily mailable!

Sweets and Treats

Who doesn’t love getting free food? Sweets and treats are a simple gesture to say thank you to your repeat client. Find promotional products that fit within your marketing budget.

Individually Wrapped Mints

This candy is great for the upcoming holidays. Choose from a variety of flavors and wrappers. These mints are useful for restaurants, hotels, and banks.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Add your branding and an image to these individually wrapped cookies. These delicious cookies will have people remembering your company’s name.

Candy Assortment

Get more trade show traffic at your table with an assortment of candy. This gives people a choice, while you talk to them about your business.

Cold Weather Necessities

Fall and winter mean colder weather. Below are three inexpensive options for helping your customers get through the cooler months.

All Natural Lip Balm

This is the perfect time of year to purchase moisturizing products for your customers and clients. Chapstick is a small, but effective product that will get applied daily to chapped lips.

Soft Touch Gloves

These gloves allow you to use your touch screen devices without having to remove them. Customers will love getting a new pair of gloves!

Crew Socks

Stay warm with some crew socks. This is something that people will wear every day.

Beverage Accessories

Give away these useful items that customers will use with their beverages. Consider purchasing some of these cost-effective branded products.

Can Koozies

Get creative with koozies for different events. Check out some of our top 6 ideas to customize koozies

Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

These come in handy in households all the time! Add one of these products with a gift of wine or beer.

Embossed Round Coasters

Coasters are necessary for restaurants, bars, and hotels. Elevate your image and reinforce your brand while keeping tables free of watermarks.

Find Promotional Products Under $1

Are you looking for some more cost-effective promotional products? Head to our website

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Using Branded Products for the Greater Good of Your Community

Enhance what is around your community. Make sure your business has its bests interest in the environment, economy, and society. Get active, stop using single-use products, recycle, and give back. Use branded products for the greater good of your community.

Encourage Health and Wellness

Motivate your customers and employees to stay active. Here are a few promotional products that your company can put branding on and give out to people:

Caring for mental health is just as important as physical health. Besides bringing awareness to mental health online, gift stress relief products. Some adults find that coloring books or word puzzles take a weight off their shoulder. 

Hand out educational brochures that help manage stress levels. Outline symptoms, signs, and causes of stress, so that your customers and employees can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Bring support to health awareness days, weeks, and months. Stay up-to-date with this health awareness calendar. Use branded products to back these important days by using their special colors or ribbons. Find products that make sense for each occasion. 

Replace Single-Use Products

Stop using single-use products to the best of your ability. Purchase branded products that serve a purpose. Get your customers to use reusable bags by running a promotion. Give them branded bags after they turn in their single-use plastic bags. 

With people in America wearing masks to stay safe from COVID-19, give customers reusable masks instead of the ones that get thrown away after each use. This promotes safety and less waste in landfills. 

Remember to Recycle

Recycling is the next step after ditching single-use products. There are restrictions on what can be recycled, so be aware of all the rules and regulations. Get your employees to join you by purchasing each of them mini recycling bins to put in their office spaces. 

Some promotional products have batteries in them, like handheld fans or flashlights. If your business uses or gives out any battery-operated products, have information on battery drop stations readily available. Batteries can be hazardous in landfills, so it is important to recycle properly. 

Giving Back

Give back to the biggest supporters in your community by donating, supporting, and volunteering. Sponsor a local sports team by donating branded T-shirts or jerseys for them to wear during games. 

Many schools and local organizations hold fundraisers during this time of year. Give branded products for them to make raffle baskets, or even make an entire basket yourself to give to them. Raffle baskets are big money makers at all-you-can-eat and drink fundraising events. Your business is not only helping an organization in your community but also getting more brand awareness from the donation. 

Where Can I Find Branded Products?

Skylight Creative Ideas have all the branded products that you need for the greater good of your community. You can customize these products to your business needs. Have questions or want to learn more about how to use branded products? Call us at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.