Friday, October 23, 2020

How to Use Branded Products to Raise Money for a Cause

Raising money for a cause is a lot of work. Set a goal and end date that your organization or business wants to meet. Decide what fundraising efforts worked best in the past, and leverage them.



If you are looking for fundraising ideas for your college or high school, check out our blog post. There are various other causes to raise money for including breast cancer awareness month, local animal shelters, and environmental help. 


Use branded products to raise money for a cause. Here are a few fundraising ideas to get your organization or business started. 



Your organization has the option to give out branded products for free with a donation. Make it a set donation amount (ex.: Free t-shirt with a $20 donation). You can also just ask for any donation amount, where people might donate well over $20. 


Set up tables asking for donations for your branded products at popular local events and festivals. Ask if any businesses or restaurants want to partner up with your organization and allow you to raise money with your promotional products.



If your organization has a connection to a sports team or arena, ask them if you can sponsor a giveaway. Choose from high school, college, and pro leagues depending on your budget. The giveaway could be at the entrance of the game enticing fans to come into the game earlier, or they can be thrown out during timeouts. 


Popular ideas for this giveaway include customized t-shirts, sports-themed stress relievers, and drawstring bags


Although this is not a direct donation to your cause, it gets people interested in what you stand for. Your giveaway grabs people’s attention so they check out your website, follow your social media, and eventually donate to the cause. Your organization can also have people around the events talking about the cause and collecting donations.



Raffles are quick money makers for causes. They take a lot of planning but are typically very successful. Raffles usually include baskets filled with branded products, tickets to local events, and gift cards. Run your raffles as a silent auction or with raffle tickets. 


Add in products to the baskets that people will want to spend their money on. Some great ideas include stainless steel water bottles, hoodies, and hats


Choose the Right Products for Your Target Audience

There are always new ways to raise money for important causes, so continue to research and try new ideas. Keep donors interested by changing up your annual fundraising efforts.


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