Saturday, August 22, 2020

How to Run a Social Media Giveaway

Encourage engagement on your social media platforms with giveaways. Do not be afraid to get creative! This is what you need to know before running your social media giveaway.

Social Media Platforms

Each social platform has different demographics. Make sure your target audience enjoys the products or services that are being given away. Here is what some major social media platforms are all about.


Instagram giveaways are commonly used for businesses to directly reach their customers. To enter your giveaway, mention that people need to like the post, tag their friends, and/or share the post to their Instagram Story. 


There is a wide age range of Facebook users. You should be able to run a giveaway on there no matter who your audience is. Encourage people to tag friends and share the post to enter the contest.


If your audience is Gen Z or Millennials, TikTok might be the right platform to host your giveaway. Make a short video explaining the rules for the contest and what the winner(s) will receive. 


Giveaways on LinkedIn are not as common as they are on other social media platforms. This could be a creative option to reach other businesses and their employees. 

Rules and Regulations

Each social media platform has its own rules and regulations. Be sure to complete extensive research before launching your social media giveaway. The last thing that you would want is to be charged money for not following the platform’s rules. 

Create your own rules and regulations for your giveaway. If the audience needs to tag others in the post, choose a specific number of tags. Mention that they can (or can’t) enter the giveaway more than once. Say you only want people that follow you or like your page to enter.

Giveaway Ideas

The options for giveaways are endless. You can offer experiences like a getaway or tickets to a concert. Your business can offer its services for free. 

Customized products are another fun idea. Create a theme and choose products that are valuable to the audience. Yeti tumblers and Brumate drink holders are trending right now. These products would be great to add to the giveaway.

Benefits of a Giveaway

Your social media platforms will benefit from the increase in engagement. Engagement typically means that your post will show up on more people’s timelines (depending on the algorithm). 

There is also the benefit of more followers. This is the next step to new customers and purchases from them.

Measuring Success

Was your giveaway successful? Set goals beforehand. The giveaway could be an increase in followers or engagement. You can also measure success by the number of website clicks and online purchases.

Get Creative

Think outside of the box when creating your social media giveaway! If you are interested in purchasing customized products for your next social media giveaway, call us at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.


Saturday, August 15, 2020

How to Use Branded Products to Promote Social Distancing

Social distancing is still as important as when the pandemic first started. Businesses have pivoted their structures and how they are marketing to their audiences. Support relevant causes to show your audience you care for them and your employees. Use branded products in innovative ways to promote social distancing. 

E-Learning Giveaway

It is back-to-school season, and many schools across the United States are opting for online-only learning for their students. This is difficult for students, no matter what age they are. Consider supporting local schools during this hard time. Wireless earbuds are popular right now and would be helpful to students when they are listening to a lecture. 

Since many students cannot play sports or attend a real gym class, consider customizing products that encourage them to stay active. Socially distant sports include frisbee, golf, and baseball. Another way to motivate them to workout is with a jump rope, yoga mat, or water bottle.

Colored Bracelets

A new way to use color-coded bracelets is by having each person wear a specific colored bracelet every day around the office. This shows others around them how close they feel comfortable with interacting. Each color represents a feeling about social distancing. For example:

Red bracelet: Keeping my distance

Yellow bracelet: Comfortable to talk

Green bracelet: Okay with high-fives

Hands-Free Keychains

Prevent germs from spreading around surfaces that are touched by many people like elevator buttons and doors. Hands-free keychains are small and convenient enough for someone to bring it with them all day. Consider passing these out to customers as they enter your business to show them you are taking extra precautions.

Casual Apparel

Use branded casual apparel to encourage people to stay home. Add fun sayings to a hoodie or t-shirt that will promote social distancing. “Stay home, save lives,” “keep your distance,” and “six feet please” are some ideas to get you started! 

Baseball hats are another way to print a fun socially distant message on. If someone is wearing the hat while in a Zoom call or Facetiming their friend, it sparks a conversation. This means more exposure for your business. 

Remote Work Support

Employees have become accustomed to working from home during the pandemic. Send them a thoughtful gift to show them that you and your company cares. This can be something simple like chocolates or a branded mouse pad. Relaxation coloring books for adults can be helpful to their mental health during this time. 

Stay Socially Distant

Stay innovative and creative throughout the pandemic! Branded products are fun ways to promote social distancing outside of the typical social media posts and digital advertising. These products show that your business is thoughtful and cares about their customers. 

Skylight Creative hopes that you are staying safe. We offer a ton of products that you can use to promote social distancing. If you have questions or want to learn more about Skylight Creative, call us at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

6 Ways to Use a Custom Koozie

Koozies are inexpensive and practical items that have use year-round. They come in different materials and sizes so you can easily find which works best. Koozies are fun wedding favors, promotional giveaways for events, and easy money-makers for fundraisers. Customize your koozie to stand out for any occasion! These six ways to use custom koozies should inspire your next idea. 


Wedding guests are typically given a wedding favor as a thank you for joining the ceremony and reception. A custom koozie is a perfect way to remember this significant night. Add your wedding date, initials, or a thank you note to customize it. 

Bach parties are another opportunity to use your custom koozies. Bring them with you on your special day that you are celebrating with the bride or groom.

Holiday Party

Thank your guests or employees for coming to a celebration by gifting them a koozie that represents that holiday. Labor Day cookouts and Halloween parties are right around the corner. Customize koozies with a holiday theme for a fun night!

Birthdays and Celebrations

Birthday parties for any age usually have food and drinks available. Provide guests with koozies so that their drinks stay cool while conversing with friends and family. They will appreciate your kind gesture.


Fundraisers are held for many reasons. An easy way to raise funds is to sell custom koozies for the cause that you are representing. Add a logo or phrase that embodies the organization. 

Another way to use koozies for a fundraiser is to add them to raffle baskets. Make a “beach basket” with beach essentials or a “night out” basket with drinks and gift cards to local bars. 

Restaurants and Bars

Pass out koozies for the opening of your new restaurant or bar. Anytime that your guests use that koozie after their initial visit they will think of the great experience they had. This will encourage them to come back and tell their friends about it. Your restaurant or bar can also sell custom koozies in the gift shop. 

Sports Teams

Tailgating and gathering for sporting events is a huge tradition for some people. Pass out customized koozies with your team name, colors, or mascot. You can also have a specific sports theme like baseball or football. Custom koozies are a giveaway that this audience would likely use often. These could be used for little league sports up to the pro league to keep drinks cool on a hot summer day. 

Keep Your Drinks Cool

Use these inexpensive and versatile items for any organization or event. There are options to fit short cans, tall cans, and bottles. Soft drink koozies and hard insulated drink holders are available. Get creative with your custom koozies! 

If you have questions or want to learn more about Skylight Creative, call us at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.