Friday, November 13, 2020

How to Use Branded Products to Show Staff Appreciation

 Times are tough. Show your staff how much you appreciate their support throughout 2020 and beyond. These gifts are a sure way to show that you care. 

Products to Show Staff Appreciation

If you haven’t seen your staff in person in a while, let them know you are thinking of them with some branded products. Thank a group of employees, or select individuals to thank separately. 

Why is it Important to Reward Staff Members?

Employee appreciation is one of the simplest, yet effective ways to keep them motivated and working hard. When your staff is regularly recognized for their work, they feel valued. This results in higher retention rates. It saves your company the cost and trouble of continually looking for new staff.

Overall staff satisfaction is the employer’s responsibility. Overworked employees will eventually burn out and feel unable to produce quality work. Rewards help ensure that your employees are happy, which results in a better work environment overall. Customer satisfaction can increase because they are interacting with genuine, positive employees.

What are Some Swag Ideas for Employees?

The possibilities are endless when gifting your staff with branded products. Consider what your staff enjoys doing outside of work. You can even choose seasonal or holiday gifts so they are specific to the time of year. Think about gifts they will use. Some branded product ideas include:

Branded Beverage Accessories

Whether staff is working from home or in the office, they always need something to drink their coffee and water out of. Get them mugs or refillable water bottles to keep at their desks every day.

Technology Items for Employees

If your staff members require long amounts of time on their computer or cell phone, technology items could make a great gift. This is something that they could use both at work and at home. Help your staff protect their privacy with a webcam cover or gift them with a modern 4-in-1 phone stand

Custom Branded Apparel

Design company logo apparel for your employees. Purchase high-quality products for them. Decide from sweatshirts, polos, hats, and more. These types of appreciation gifts are best to purchase with consideration of the time of year. 

Branded Bags

Everyone uses bags. Employees take backpacks to work with their laptops and other items in them. Lunch bags are used almost every day of the week. Tote bags are helpful when grocery shopping. Determine which bag your staff would use most and add customization to it! 

Staff Appreciation Branded Products

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