Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer BBQ Essentials


It’s summertime again, so you know what that means! Now that the pandemic is (finally) slowing down, many summer parties and BBQs will be underway this season. 

However, there is a lot that goes into planning a summer BBQ. From inviting the guests to planning the menu to keeping them entertained - there is a lot to consider. Luckily, Skylight Creative Ideas has broken down the perfect summer BBQ necessities to help make sure that you are adequately prepared.

Grilling Essentials 

What would a BBQ be without grilled food? From hot dogs to hamburgers to chicken cutlets - it’s guaranteed that someone will be operating the grill all day long. With this said, the grill master must be equipped with all of the necessary tools. 

For example, items such as an apron, tongs, a steel spatula, and other tools are necessary to grill the perfect summer meal. 

Serving Trays 

Once your delicious summer BBQ feast is ready for serving, you will need to put it somewhere for your guests to come and peruse. With this said, be sure to stock up on serving trays of all kinds. From 2-piece chip and dip sets to adjustable serving trays, the possibilities are endless.

Stay Hydrated 

Since most BBQs are held outside, your guests must stay adequately hydrated. To reduce the amount of waste from your BBQ, consider using reusable plastic cups. Interested customers can also customize them for a family reunion or event!

Another great way to keep everyone hydrated is by offering stainless steel tumblers for guests to use while they attend the party. Not only will this help everyone to decipher which glass is theirs, but it will also keep everyone’s drinks nice and cold in the hot summer sun. 

Fun & Games

Summer BBQs aren’t just about the food; they’re also about the fun and games! If you want to have the best BBQ this summer, consider filling your backyard with fun items such as cornhole, a volleyball set, pickleball, bean bag toss, and more!

Have a pool? Be sure to stock up on pool noodles, beach balls, and floating devices for the kids. Summer can be a time of great fun, but it is also essential to keep everyone safe. 

If you plan to have several covid-safe BBQs this summer, be sure to equip yourself with all of the essentials. 

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Friday, June 4, 2021

Everything You Need For A Perfect Summer Picnic


Once the warm weather returns in the summertime, there is no better way to spend the day than with the perfect summer picnic. 

While taking your lunch or dinner party to the local park might sound like a great idea, there is also a lot of planning and preparation involved. To be sure that you have all of the necessary picnic essentials, Skylight Creative Ideas has compiled a list of our must-have picnic items. 

Here is everything you need for a perfect summer picnic:

Picnic Basket, Cooler or Tote Bag

The best part of a picnic is the food, and so it is crucial to have something to store the food in a while traveling to the picnic destination. Whether it be a picnic basket, an insulated cooler, or even a tote bag, anything that gets your food from point A to point B will work just as well.

Reusable Utensils & Plates

Once you’ve found the perfect picnic spot, you will likely want to start indulging in all of the yummy food you brought along with you. To enjoy this food, you’ll need plates, utensils, cups, and more. To keep the amount of waste low, consider using reusable utensils and plates that people can wash at home after the picnic.  

Picnic Blanket

To keep all of your belongings off the grass and away from curious insects, be sure to pack a picnic blanket or tapestry of some kind. When you arrive at your picnic destination, just spread out the blanket and begin setting up your meal on top. 

Charcuterie Board & A Wine Bottle Opener

What better way to celebrate summer than with a bit of wine and cheese? A charcuterie board filled with cheese, pickles, assorted meats, and more is the perfect addition to any summer picnic. 

Are you thinking of pairing the cheese with a glass of wine? Be sure to remember a wine opener so that you don’t run into any problems.

Yard Games

Are you thinking of enjoying your picnic for an extended period? Be sure to bring some fun yard games to keep everyone entertained. Cornhole, volleyball, bean bag toss, ladder ball, and more are fun summer activities that will keep everyone engaged and included. 

The past year has certainly been different, but summer is here, the pandemic is dwindling, and we couldn’t be happier! Be sure to stay safe and healthy this summer, but also have much fun too! Picnics are perfect for enjoying the summer weather outside with friends and family.

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Hi-Tech Accessories and Promotional Products


We have tons of new inventory of hi-tech accessories for your next promotional giveaway or event. Whether it be for a corporate event or a graduation party favor, our wide range of hi-tech accessory products will have something for everyone.

Check out some of our products and the different ways you can use them as promotional products:

Online Meeting Adjustable Ring Light

Ring lights are all the rage right now due to the growing popularity of TikTok, but you don't need to be making a dance video to use one. With our online meeting adjustable ring light, you can hook up a ring light to just about any device, giving you the perfect lighting for that important business meeting or interview over Zoom. 

This light provides low, medium, and high light settings and has a rechargeable battery for on-the-go usage, making it perfect for everyone. 

4-in-1 Phone Stand

Another great product that is perfect for any demographic is our 4-in-1 phone stand. These phone stands come in both black and white and are compatible with almost any phone. They are also a phone stand, Bluetooth speaker, and wireless charger all in one! 

Considering using this as a promotional favor? Businesses can customize this item with a light-up logo to promote their branding further. 

Webcam Cover

If you're looking for a reasonably inexpensive option for your hi-tech accessory giveaway product, then a webcam cover might be the perfect solution.

Our webcam covers protect your security and privacy by preventing webcam spying. This item fits most smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, PCs, Tablets, and any 3rd party external webcams. Also, the thin lifting tab allows for easy access to the web camera to be opened and easily locks down to prevent hackers from seeing you. 

Also, this product is fully customizable and comes in a variety of colors. 

Silicone Cell Phone Sleeve with Adhesive Backing

While these might not provide a technological element, these adhesive phone sleeves are trendy right now and are a great way to get your name out there. Available in over ten colors, these silicone cell phone sleeves are fully customizable and are the perfect addition to any smartphone to keep cards handy.

We know how important it is to offer a variety of tech products at a reasonable price. If you would like to learn more about the hi-tech accessories and promotional products that Skylight Creative Ideas has to offer, check out our page here

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Friday, May 21, 2021

Creative Ways That Customized T-Shirts Make Everything More Fun!


Want to show a little love to your department at work? Going on a vacation with friends? Have an upcoming birthday? Buying customized t-shirts is a fun and affordable way to make any occasion feel more special and to brighten people’s day. We’re here to spark some ideas for creative, customized shirts that will be sure to delight your friends, co-workers, and family!

Department Bonding at Work

We often are given branded items at our workplaces, like a coffee mug with the company’s logo or maybe a golf shirt, but what if you could create something special just for your team or department? Create a bonding moment by ordering Team Marketing shirts for everyone in your department to make everyone smile and bring folks together. You could even add everyone’s nicknames if you feel like going the extra mile. 

Friends’ Beach Weekend

You and your friends are going on a weekend trip to the beach. You’ve packed up all your gear for the weekend and are ready to enjoy ourselves for some sun and laughter. Be the life of the party and surprise your friends with themed weekend t-shirts for the whole group. Not only will it give everyone a laugh, but it will leave everyone with a memento of the weekend you spent together.  

Graduation Cheer Section

Have a family member or loved one graduating this Spring? What better way to make them feel special by getting fun customized t-shirts for their whole cheering section to wear at the ceremony. Jennifer’s Fan Club 2021, anyone? 

Classroom Momento

Are you a teacher or a parent? Students make lasting relationships and form lasting memories with their classmates. Maybe sophomore French, senior Biology, or a third-grade class had a great bond. Ordering specially made shirts for each student to take away with them will be an excellent way for students to remember the moment. Plus, you can even leave a blank section on the back for students to sign each other’s shirts. It’s something they can hold onto as a keepsake forever. 

Elevate Your Small Business

Small business owners put so much effort into making sure everything is just right. From their website, their logo, the packaging, and customer experience. Why not take your brand to the next level by ordering shirts with your business’ logo on them for your staff to wear? Not only does this help make your company look more professional, but it can also give you a PR boost as your logo will gain visibility when your employees wear their shirts outside of the office. 

We hope this list helps you on your way to imagining fun and creative ways to bring joy to your loved ones. Be the hero of the party, reunion, work event, or birthday party by ordering customized shirts that everyone will be sure to love. Skylight Creative has a robust selection of shirts to choose from with a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, and all at a great price! Start browsing our selection here, and feel free to reach out to one of our customer representatives with any questions.

Friday, May 7, 2021

5 Cool Ideas for Trophies: Sports and Academic Awards

It's that time of year—the school year is wrapping up, along with this season's sports leagues and club. Before we take a little break over the summertime to recharge and unwind, it can be important to take stock of the past year and recognize the hard work of students and athletes. Everyone loves to feel recognized, and while encouraging words are great, there is something special about receiving a trophy. A trophy is something you will hold onto for a long time. Each time you look at your award, you will remember your hard work and unique talents. Why not get creative with it? There are so many qualities to be applauded of our students and teammates, and we're here to help with five fun ideas for trophies. 

The Innovator Award

While academic achievements like test scores and grades are often recognized, sometimes the more intangible gifts our students' possess can be overlooked or undervalued. There are many different types of intelligence. Giving an award for creativity and innovation can be a great way to encourage students who may not necessarily have the top grades in the class but offer original ideas or inventive ways to approach problems. 

The Helping Hand Award

Is there an athlete on your team who always helps clean up after practice? Or a student who goes out of their way to loan someone their classroom supplies? The world needs as many helpful and caring people as possible, and what better way to say you appreciate their compassion than a fun helping hand trophy. 

The Curiosity Award

One of the great keys to knowledge is curiosity. Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." Developing a keen sense of interest will help students' desire to learn and discover new things. You can give this award to a student or athlete who tried something new or put themselves out of their comfort zone this year. 

The Unstoppable Award

One of the most valuable qualities in an athlete is the ability to get back up after a missed goal or a fall and to brush yourself off and try again. Sometimes it is the character of our athletes and students that is more important than any individual skill. A student who got back up after a perceived failure and kept going is a person worthy of a trophy. 

The Mood Booster Award

We all know that particular teammate or student with the unique ability to make us break into a smile or a laugh, even after a hard day or at a tense moment. Sometimes discouraged as the class clown, there can be real value to someone who good-naturedly brightens a room. Whether it's with jokes or general silliness, it's always great to have that person around to help turn someone's frown upside down and lift the mood. This ability requires a certain amount of self-awareness, kindness, and energy, and we should show appreciation! 

As you wrap up your academic year and think of ways to recognize your students, we hope this list will help set you on your path to show appreciation in fun and exciting ways. Skylight Creative Ideas is your source for all of your trophy and award needs, and we offer some of the best prices around. When you're ready, check out our inventory at

Friday, April 30, 2021

Summer Promotional Holidays You Should Prepare For

Summer will be here before you know it! The first official day of summer is Monday, June 21st, although nicer weather is already headed our way. 

This season gets hectic because of all the holidays, vacations, and time spent doing things other than work. Now is the time to prepare your business for the upcoming summer promotional holidays.

Some of these holidays may seem out of the norm, but if they align with your business and the promotion that you have running, then we say run with it! Make each promotion unique to your business and its culture.


Summer Solstice: June 21, 2021

Kick-off summer the right way with a bright and fun promotional giveaway! Get your customers in the summer spirit with something that will entice them to purchase your seasonal products and services.

National Sunglasses Day: June 27, 2021

Raise awareness for eye protection while giving away some trendy shades! Customize sunglasses to any color and add your branding or logo to them.

Pride Month: Month of June

Support the LGBTQ+ community during June! Get involved by spreading knowledge and awareness, sponsoring important events, and donating time and money.


Independence Day: July 4, 2021

The 4th of July is always a fun promotional holiday for businesses. This is the time to offer red, white, and blue products. Promos that people love around this time include koozies, grill sets, and fanny packs.

World Chocolate Day: July 7th, 2021

Who knew this is a holiday? Take advantage of this unique day with personalized chocolates. Consider giving them out as complimentary gifts until supplies last.


National Friendship Day: August 1st, 2021

Use this holiday to attract new customers. Run a promotion where current customers refer a friend and each of them can receive a gift.

Shark Week: August 9-16, 2021

This iconic week should not go overlooked. Businesses from restaurants to retail stores have come up with such quirky advertisements and giveaways during this week that truly gets people excited!

Back to School Month: Month of August

It’s never too early to order your branded school supplies for Back to School Month. This is something that both parents and kids love to receive!


Labor Day: September 6th, 2021

After a long summer of work and play, Labor Day gives Americans time to relax for the weekend and reminisce about the past season. Many families have cookouts and picnics, so consider revolving your promotion around those two activities!

Summer Promotional Products

Skylight Creative Ideas is your one-stop-shop for summer promotional products! 

We are a full-service promotional products company and have been a leader in the industry since 1977. Our goal is to provide innovative ideas, top-notch customer service, and quality products to help our clients meet and exceed their marketing and branding objectives. 

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Spring Sports Accessories You Need

Playing sports or attending sporting events this spring? Do your clients love the outdoors? Check out our full list of spring sporting accessories by category. Get inspired for your next team fundraiser or customer promotional giveaway.

Baseball Accessories for Fans and Players

Baseball fans for little league, recreational league, or even high school baseball need a comfy seat to sit in. When you are sitting in the bleachers for a long time, your bottom and back may hurt. Here, stadium seats are the best bet! Get customizable ones to sell as a fundraiser for your team. 

Other stadiums don’t have enough seating or any at all. Consider getting some customized folding chairs so that each fan can sit and cheer on their loved one.

What about baseball equipment? Add your team’s branding to baseballs, baseball bats, baseball caps, and even their uniform! 

Golf Outing Items

Tee time is finally back for the year! Long days playing golf in the sun take a toll on your health. Do you take clients to golf outings often? Keep branded water bottles or sunscreen handy to give them as a gift. Avoid the sun in your eyes with an umbrella or twill cap.

Every golfer loves to get promotional products. For a fun spring promotion, give away golf balls, tees, or ball markers. Oh—and don’t forget about the koozies! 

Lacrosse Fundraiser Ideas

Lacrosse is a big high school and college sport. Get creative with your next team fundraiser! Apparel is always a huge hit. Consider customizing crew socks or a t-shirt with your team’s logo. If you're looking to sell a lot of items at a low price point, try raising money with lacrosse trading pins or lacrosse chenille lapel pins.

Track and Field Apparel and More

Fans of track and field participants know that spring weather sometimes is all over the place. Have blankets, rain ponchos, and umbrellas for sale so they have something to purchase when the weather goes amiss. Be sure to add the team’s branding so the fans have something to use at all the upcoming games!

While traveling, participants need something to bring their running shoes, equipment, and extra apparel along with them. Fully customized backpacks are an important accessory, so they keep everything together and organized.

Tennis Necessities

A tennis player isn’t complete without their tennis ball, tennis racket, and sun visor. For people that play tennis on a team or for leisure, tennis can truly take a toll on the body. As a promotional product for your business, consider giving out customized foam rollers or resistance bands for something they always use for pain relief.

Find Your Spring Sports Promotional Products

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