Friday, January 7, 2022

Finding the Right Theme for Your Promotional Products

 Are you brainstorming to find the perfect type of promotional product for your business and getting “writer’s block”? Relax, it can be difficult to find the right type of theme that’s original and appealing to your audience.

Of course, your brand and company colors are always a great idea, after all promotional products should do what they’re designed to do - remind your clients and potential customers that you have plenty to offer.

However, you might want a fresh look to your line of promotional products, so you can consider a theme that helps you stand out from the crowd - and makes a lasting impression. The trick is to make sure that your company gets the exposure you want.

Here are a few themes that can bring a breath of fresh air to your line of giveaways.


Everyone has their favorite artist or group, and there is an almost unlimited amount of musical genres to choose from - from rock to opera to pop. So why not incorporate this theme? 

Imagine handing out sunglasses that have a lyric on one arm, and your company logo and website on the other. Top shelf items like desk accessories and portable speakers can serve as daily reminders for your customers. Finally, think about including a gift card for one of the online music services!


Just like music, movies have an overwhelming appeal, whether they’re classics or new releases. Think about putting together a special gift pack that contains microwave popcorn, candy, and giveaways like mugs, pens, and hats. There are also different gift cards for discounts on movie theaters and online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.


Baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. Everyone has their favorite sport and team they root for throughout the year. Giveaways carrying team logos and colors have long shelf lives, and when you include your company logo and information, you can be sure that your clients won't forget your business anytime soon.

Clothing Lines

Shirts and hats are always crowd favorites, and you can capitalize on well-known brands like Nike and Under Armour. They’re easily recognized and have excellent reputations, and you can also have your company logo embroidered on apparel. And don’t stop with hats and shirts, pullovers, jackets, and dress shirts make great gifts.


When it comes to brand loyalty, car owners are top on the list, and you can stay top of mind with everything from keychains to floor mats. Not only are your customers going to appreciate practical promotional items, they’ll also associate the quality of their favorite rides with your company, and generosity!

Skylight’s Got the Gifts!

At Skylight, we’ve been helping our clients select the perfect gifts, accessories, and giveaways since 1977. With access to over 750,000 imprinted products, we can find something perfect for you and your business.

Our professionals can collaborate and brianstorm with you and your team to determine the right theme that will impress customers and give you a leg up on the competition. 

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