Friday, December 3, 2021

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

We all know that feeling when the holidays are approaching and we have no idea what to give as gifts - especially when it comes to employees. 

You want to show them your appreciation, but when you’ve got so many different personalities, genders, and age groups to satisfy, finding the perfect gift can become overwhelming.

Cozy Clothing

When the weather gets chilly, the perfect gift is the one that keeps everyone warm and comfortable. Pullover sweaters, vests, long-sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies will definitely be appreciated.

Big Bags

Everyone knows what a hassle it is to pack up and head for work or visiting a clients’ office. Laptop, smartphone, cords, charging cables - they’re easy to lose or leave behind. Backpacks, computer bags and even attache cases help keep everything where it’s supposed to be - and adding your corporate logo or brand is the perfect touch.

Tool Time

Whether you’re putting together furniture or going camping - the right tool always makes the job easier. All-in-one tools like a Leatherman or household tool kit are perfect for everyone. With a wide variety of gadgets and tools available, picking the right one is easy.

Outdoor Fun

The great outdoors are much better with the right equipment. Umbrellas, folding chairs, blankets and even coolers are thoughtful gifts that are also durable and practical. Whatever your budget is there are plenty of brands and models to choose from to make sure your employees enjoy their next day out.

Taking a Trip

Luggage is one of those items that no one remembers to purchase until they’re going on a trip. There’s a wide array of pieces that you can give as gifts - from rolling bags to carry on luggage sets and everything in between. Tote bags and backpacks are also useful gifts that look great with your company’s logo printed or embroidered on them.

The Write Gift

No matter how advanced technology becomes, people always need a pen or mechanical pencil in the course of their day. There’s almost an endless variety of writing instruments to choose from including ballpoint, rollerball, and even the traditional fountain pen. Don’t forget about desk sets that pair quality pens and pencils with clocks and calendars.

Kitchen and Home

When it comes to kitchens and homes, there are plenty of gift ideas that are affordable and thoughtful. There's a wide array of items you can choose from - everything from coffee makers, blenders, and juicers to high-quality sets of cookware. Kitchen and home gifts are not only practical, but they also show how much you care about your employees.

Skylight’s Got the Gifts!

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