Friday, October 15, 2021

Keeping COVID-19 Out of Your Office

 COVID-19 has changed everything - from how we shop to how we interact with our friends and family. 

As the world continues to deal with COVID-19, businesses have been experimenting with different strategies for keeping their workplace free of the disease while making their employees feel safe.

While the vaccines have had an impact on halting the spread of COVID, there are still precautions business owners and operators should take in the office. 

It’s a good idea to remember that employee feedback on office policies and procedures has to be accounted for - everyone won’t have the same feelings.

There are several different approaches you can take to help keep COVID-19 out of your office while still conducting business “as usual.”

Facemasks and Sanitizer

Throughout the pandemic, studies have shown that wearing facemasks are one of the easiest, and most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID. 

All of your employees probably own their own facemasks, and asking them to wear them throughout the day is a positive first step. It’s a good idea to have disposable face masks available in case someone forgets theirs.

Quality facemasks with your company logo and colors are a low-cost investment, and by providing them to your employees, you can show your concern for making sure everyone is safe.

Hand sanitizer has also played an important role in preventing the spread of COVID. Much like face masks, your employees will usually have their own, but providing sanitizer is a great idea. 

Place the dispensers around the office, especially in high-traffic areas like reception desks, kitchens, and meeting rooms - and don’t forget that you can order bottles of sanitizer with your company logo on the front.

Social Distancing

Everyone knows that keeping 6 feet apart is another easy way to avoid spreading COVID 19. However, it can be difficult to achieve this in an office setting. Before everyone returns, think about moving desks and workstations to help maintain enough distance.

Don’t forget to organize meeting and board rooms so there’s space for everyone to sit down at a comfortable distance. You may want to create a new process for in-house meetings, or ask employees to think twice before scheduling one - in many cases information can be shared without having to sit in the same room.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

When the work day is over, ask your employees to wipe down their desks and other items they have used during the day. Hand wipes are easy to purchase and disinfectant in spray bottles is another preventative idea.

Depending upon the size of your office, hiring a cleaning crew is another avenue to keeping COVID away. While it may be another investment your company has to make, your employees will appreciate it - and because they feel safer, they’ll work more efficiently.

Staying Safe

COVID-19 has impacted everyone, and getting back into the office presents multiple challenges for employers and their team. Developing a strategy that has buy-in from everyone will make the transition easier, and keep morale up.


While the prevention of the disease is a serious issue, don’t forget that providing your employees with the basics can lessen the impact. Adding your logo and company colors to give away items is also a thoughtful touch.


Skylight Can Help

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Friday, October 8, 2021

5 Holiday Gifts for Your Vendors

With the holidays fast approaching, it's natural for business owners to think of their friends and families first. However, don't forget about your vendors. Regardless of the industry, they're essential to your operation. Need ideas on how to show your appreciation? Learn why custom promotional products should be on your list of holiday gift ideas for vendors.

Why Should You Buy Gifts for Your Vendors?

To begin with, don't go into the holidays expecting to get a gift in return. After all, 'tis the season of giving. However, vendor gifts will help put your concerns at the top of the list if some should arise. To sum up the business/vendor relationship, if you take care of them, they'll take care of you.

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Vendors

Beverage Insulators

Whether it's a soda or an adult beverage, many people love to keep their drinks cool. Branded beverage insulators are a massive hit for vendors. When they're unwinding from a long day of work or hanging out with friends, they won't forget that awesome client with cool and refreshing taste.

Coffee Mugs

Sticking with the drink theme but switching temperatures, who doesn't need promotional coffee mugs? Many vendors can't begin their day without a cup of coffee. They'll think of you when you help their day get off to a great start.

Phone Charging Bank

When thinking of holiday gift ideas for vendors, don't underestimate a branded portable phone charger. There's nothing worse than being stuck on a 5% charge without an electrical outlet in site. If this gift can keep that from happening less often, they'll sing your praises for years.

Custom Candy Bars

What holiday gift guide would be complete without candy? Pick out a fun, holiday-themed chocolate bar with your logo for a sweet holiday gift. A customized chocolate bar is a nice tasty treat for vendors who have helped drive your profits all year long.

Notebook and Pen

At some point, every vendor needs to take notes. Believe it or not, many people still use pen and paper. Vendors will love a custom pen to complement a custom notebook. These are appropriate for any time of year, but as far as practical holiday gift ideas for vendors go, pens and notebooks are tough to beat.

Where Can I Go for Promotional Holiday Gifts?

Since 1977, Skylight Creative Ideas has helped businesses increase their brand awareness with customized promotional products. Our inventory expands way further than the holiday gift ideas for vendors mentioned above. We offer:

  • Promotional apparel

  • Customized bags

  • Drinkware with logos

  • Promotional office supplies

Don't wait until the last minute to get holiday gifts for clients or vendors. Contact Skylight Creative Ideas at 800.840.1067.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Branded Swag Ideas for Small Business


Branded promotional products are a great way to promote your small business. You can custom order these items with your logo, which will make you more recognizable in the marketplace. These custom items are also affordable and create an excellent marketing tool for any company. In this blog post, we'll explore some branded swag ideas for small-business owners.

Why Invest in Custom Products for Small Business?

It's difficult to break into a market as a small business. You don't have the funding of large corporations, and you likely won't be able to pay for an advertising campaign that reaches millions. So, where does that leave your company?

Custom imprinted products can help your brand become more recognizable. Your logo will be on pens, key chains and other items customers will use every day. When people think of that product, they'll also think of your small business.

Branded Swag Ideas for Small Business

Custom Clothing

Custom apparel is a great way to promote your small business. Employees and customers will wear these branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other items in public, which means you'll get free advertising. Clothing is one of the more practical yet impactful branded swag ideas for small businesses.

Promotional Bags and Backpacks

Promotional bags and custom backpacks are another great branded swag idea for small businesses. You can custom order custom-imprinted tote bags to give away at trade shows or provide drawstring backpacks for employees. These custom pouches will make excellent giveaways during events while also increasing brand awareness.

Glasses or Mugs with Logos

Glasses or mugs with a company logo are other excellent examples of branded swag ideas for small businesses. Whenever employees or customers drink beverages, you'll be at the top of their minds. Their friends or family members will also notice the cups or glasses, which will make your company the focal point of the conversation.

Office Supplies

Office promotional products like custom ballpoint pens and custom stickers can be a tremendous return on investment. As people take notes to remind them of important tasks or appointments, they'll remind customers to use your product or company. Additionally, these items are memorable trade show giveaways.

Where Can You Find Branded Swag for Your Company?

In business since 1977, your search starts and ends with Skylight Creative Ideas. We've helped build brands through promotional products in all industries. As far as branded swag ideas for small businesses go, your imagination is your only limit. We also offer bulk pricing at a significant discount, which sets us far apart from our competitors.

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