Monday, July 27, 2020

Helping Your Employees Prepare for Back-to-School Time

After an interesting and hopefully fun summer, it is back-to-school season once again. Parents are already planning for it. Students are going back full-time, online, or hybrid learning depending on where they are across the country. Back-to-school season is stressful for parents and their children, and they have additional pressure from COVID-19. Here is how you can help your working-parent employees prepare for the new school year. 

 Offer Flexibility

Back-to-school is different this year because schools are focusing on the safety of their students with social and physical distancing. Some differences compared to other years are later starting dates, online learning, shortened hours, and changes in days off from school. Consider offering a flexible schedule to your employees so they can still pick up their children from school and help them with their schoolwork when needed. Sometimes important school meetings and orientations might come up that they will not want to miss. Finding a babysitter has been difficult for parents during this time. Your employees will appreciate the flexibility of getting to leave work early or work from home so they can care for their children.

Stock Up On School Supplies

Another way to help working parents prepare is by providing them with school supplies. Students will always need pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders for their schoolwork. Other miscellaneous supplies that would be helpful to them are backpacks, lunch bags, or even gift cards to purchase new clothes. Because of COVID-19, masks and hand sanitizer will be vital supplies that parents will send their children to school with. 

Provide a Calendar

Parents have a work schedule, social life schedule, and schedule for each of their children. One of the best ways to plan for that is by carrying a calendar around. Offer a quality calendar to those employees to help them keep track of the busy lives that they have. This will ensure that they do not overlap times. A calendar will also prevent miscommunication and forgetfulness at work.

Show Understanding and Compassion

Since back-to-school is a stressful time for working parents, express to them that you and your company are here for them. Scheduling changes and concerns for their children affects worker productivity. When you show them you care for them and understand that they have a lot on their plate, they will be more upfront when asking for help instead of letting deadlines go by. 

Happy Back-to-School Season

Education is important to youth. Help your employees prepare for the upcoming school year so they can feel confident with the change from their summer schedule. 

Skylight Creative hopes that your back-to-school time runs smoothly. Stay safe and have a fun year! We offer a ton of supplies to help students and their parents out. If you have questions or want to learn more about Skylight Creative, call us at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Fun Social Distancing Activities for Summer

As the summer continues, social distancing and face masks are in full effect. You can still have fun for the rest of the summer months, even though safety precautions are being taken. Spend time outdoors, learn a new skill, or safely spend time with others. Here are some fun activities to enjoy for the rest of the summer. 


Many people need a getaway from their homes, especially after staying inside them during stay-at-home orders. Since vacations and cruise ships are not the safest options at the moment, a great alternative is to go camping. Find a campground where you can pitch a tent or bring your RV. 

Plan outdoor activities to pass the time while you are there. Come prepared for poor weather conditions. You never know when it will downpour or get chilly out. Be sure to bring the essentials along with you including:

A Day On the Water

If you live near a lake or ocean, the socially distant options are endless. Find a place that rents kayaks or stand-up paddleboards. Take your family out on the boat for a day of tubing. Spend some time at the beach. Bring out the old fishing rods that you have not used in a while. Don’t like the heat during the daytime? Bring a picnic blanket and some snacks to watch the sunset or sunrise over the water. 

Start a Garden

It is not too late to start a healthy garden this summer! This could be both indoors or outdoors. Up your cooking game with fresh ingredients. Some herbs that are easy to grow in your home include basil, parsley, mint, and thyme. Crops that you can plant in late summer/fall months include kale, spinach, squash, and cucumbers. Get your garden started with planters that encourage plant growth.

Movie Night

Instead of going to a traditional movie theater, find a drive-in theater nearby to watch a movie or two. This is the perfect way to stay socially distant and outdoors. If there is not a drive-in near you, set up a projector in your backyard, and stream a movie from Netflix or Hulu. 

Another option is to host a virtual movie night with your friends and family through Zoom and Netflix Party. Vote on a favorite movie, dress in comfy clothes, and enjoy a movie night together. 

Enjoy the Rest of Summer

Although this summer differs from in previous years, you can still have fun with your friends and family, just at a socially safe distance! Skylight Creative hopes that these activities spark more innovative ideas for you! Comment down below with some of your favorite pastimes this summer. 

If you have questions or want to learn more about Skylight Creative, give us a call at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

5 Things To Make Your Beach Day Better

Soaking in the sun outdoors is the best way to spend your time this summer. Although this summer has differed from the past years, you can still enjoy a socially distant beach day! Make your beach days even better with these five things.

Have Somewhere To Sit

Be sure to bring something for you, your friends, and family to sit or lay on. A beach towel or large blanket is a perfect lightweight solution for a seat. You can also bring a traditional beach chair that you can relax in on the sand or near the water. If you want an all-in-one chair, the party beach chair has a cooler, side table, and umbrella attached to it! 

Keep Your Food and Drinks Cool

Food and drinks will fuel your energy when spending a long day at the beach. While in the heat, you will want to keep everything as cool as possible. Stainless steel water bottles keep drinks colder much longer than plastic water bottles. If you bring alcoholic beverages in a can or bottle, a koozie is a great option to keep them cool while holding them in your hands. Everything that you bring to the beach can be conveniently placed in one large rolling cooler.

Stay Protected From the Sun

It is never fun to end your day at the beach with burnt skin. Take precautions so your skin is protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Remember to bring sunscreen and reapply it every few hours. Wear a hat to protect your face and glasses to protect your eyes. You can also set up an umbrella to rest under when you need a break from the heat. We now carry a customizable sunburn alert UV color changing sticker from Sun Burn Alert. The color changes to blue when it is time to reapply your sunscreen. 

Play Outdoor Games

Playing games on the beach is the best way to pass the time. A classic game of corn hole is both fun and competitive. You can bring a beach ball into the water to play “keep it up.” If it is not too windy of a day, Frisbie is another option for some physical activity. 

Chill and Take Some Time to Yourself

Pro tip–bring a waterproof speaker so you can jam out to upbeat music or relax to soothing sounds. Start reading a new book, or bring along one of your old favorites. Take a walk on the beach to find shells or shark teeth. Spending a bit of alone time can reduce your stress levels and result in a happier rest of your week!

Have Some Fun In the Sun

Skylight Creative hopes that the rest of your summer is safe and fun. Create great memories on the beach with your friends and family. We hope these five things make your beach days even better. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Skylight Creative, give us a call at 410.879.840 or contact us online.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

5 of the Most Unique Face Masks: Vote For Your Favorite

As the COVID-19 pandemic affects people across the United States, people are continuing to wear masks to stop the spread. Masks are recommended and even mandated to wear in some areas. 

Cloth masks are the most popular right now because they are the most accessible. Companies are manufacturing cloth masks, while other small businesses are hand-making them. People are becoming more accustomed to wearing masks, so businesses are getting creative with their designs and patterns. 

Here are the top five most unique face masks we have found. Be sure to vote on your favorite mask below! 

1. Sports Team Masks

A great way to show support for your favorite sports team this year is to wear a mask with their colors or logo on it. There is still not a definite answer on if fans may attend amateur or professional sporting events in person this year. If you cannot wear your mask to a sporting event in person, you can still wear it while you are out in public. Represent your favorite baseball team with these MLB facemasks by EverLastingBelts

2. Animal Lover Masks

People love to show off how much they care about their pets. One way they can do that is by sporting a mask with cat or dog whiskers on it. Other businesses are also making masks with paw prints and wild animal patterns. AngelsHealingHeart on Etsy sells these adorable dog surfing masks.

3. Selfie Masks

One of the most comical face masks are ones that are printed with your own face right on them. This gives the illusion that you are not even wearing a mask. Danielle Baskin from Maskalike prints your face onto cloth masks that look realistic! 

4. Emoji Masks

Stand out with your favorite emoji on a face mask. Choose a face that represents your everyday emotions. The laugh cry mask by KiddoMasks will be sure to spread positivity to those around you!

5. Wine Tasting Masks

2020 has been stressful to say the least. Sometimes a glass of wine takes the edge off. The wine tasting is my cardio mask from Look Human keeps your protected while having a socially distant night with some close friends or family.

Vote For Your Favorite Mask From Our Top Five List

Voting ends 8/21. We will post the results on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. 

  1. Sports Team Masks

  2. Animal Lover Masks

  3. Selfie Masks

  4. Emoji Masks

  5. Wine Tasting Masks

Skylight Creative Masks

Many factories that usually produce promotional products and clothing items have switched production to PPE to help protect both anyone while they are around others. This puts us in a unique position to help people with their needs while providing a lending hand to our community.


You can shop our entire selection of masks on our website, including surgical masks, KN95 respirators, and branded cloth face covers. We are also carrying face shields, goggles, gloves, and several other personal protective items to help keep you and your employees safe and healthy.


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