Friday, December 11, 2020

How to Make Raffle Baskets and Raffle Basket Ideas

Raffle baskets are huge moneymakers at fundraisers. You might not realize how much work goes into making raffle baskets. Here is a guide to creating raffle baskets for your next fundraising event.

raffle baskets

How to Get Items for Raffle Baskets

Ask local businesses to donate to your cause. Write a letter explaining what the fundraiser is for and what you will use the raised money for. If you can, provide them with your organization’s Nonprofit Employer Identification Number (EIN). There is much more that goes into writing a donation letter, so check out some examples online. 

After you gather donations, you might find that you need to buy more products. These products will fill up the baskets or help you make extra baskets. Head to Skylight Creative Ideas to find tons of fun products. Make these products personalized to your organization by branding them.

How to Choose Raffle Basket Themes

After getting all the items for your baskets, you will want to group everything into themes. This way it makes sense for someone interested in that topic to put their tickets in the basket. 

Common raffle basket themes and items include:

Sports Team: Professional game tickets, sports equipment, sports team gear

Cosmetics: Local hair cut certificate, cosmetics bag, ring light, makeup

Movie Night: Movie theater/Netflix gift card, popcorn, candy 

Date Night: Restaurant gift card, a bottle of wine, heart-shaped chocolate

Barbeque: BBQ grill set, barbeque sauce, seasoning 

Liquor and Beer: Bottle of liquor, beer, koozies, bottle opener

Coffee Lover: Coffee mug, coffee beans, travel mug, a gift card to a local coffee shop

How to Set Up a Raffle Basket 

The size of items you have for each raffle basket determines what you will use to hold them. Add concert or event tickets into a picture frame. Stuff a basket or container with tissue paper to make it easy for people to see what is inside. Add the items into the basket.

Be sure to wrap up the basket in cellophane so that nothing gets lost during transport. Tighten the shrinkwrap with a blow dryer. Tie up the bag with a ribbon or bow for a nice presentation.

Name the baskets with their themes. Print or write out everything that is in the basket in case people can’t see what is inside. Put an overall value on the basket to entice more people to buy raffle basket tickets. 

Find the Perfect Raffle Basket Products

Putting raffle baskets together takes a lot of time and effort. The end results are well worth it to support an important cause. 

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