Friday, November 26, 2021

Staying Warm In the Cool Weather

Summer is in the rear view mirror, and that means frosty mornings and chilly nights and autumn days filled with bright sunshine and brisk breezes.

It’s time to think about staying warm.

Of course, you’ll be thinking about outer wear, but there are other accessories and items to consider so you can enjoy the weather without feeling like your ears or nose may fall off.


The first rule of thumb is make sure to layer. It’s the perfect way to have the best of both worlds, because as the day warms up or you go inside, you can peel off hats, jackets, and sweaters so you’re not getting overheated.

Depending on how much time you’ll be spending outdoors, start with the basics: a long sleeved t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater, and then an outer jacket. If you’re going to be outside - or the temperatures are dropping - you may want to add a shirt or light jacket that’s designed to keep you warm.

Head and Toes

You may have your upper body ready to face the elements, but without the right type of cozy headgear, you’re going to lose a great deal of heat - and with the right type of fuzzy wool knit cap, you’ll look cool while staying warm.

Gloves and mittens can help your fingers and hands feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than having to keep your hands inside pockets when you’re outside. Keep an eye out for gloves that have pads on the fingers so you can use your smartphone or tablet without having your digits become numb.

Shoes and Socks

Just like your hands and fingers, your feet and toes need the right protection. Boots don’t have to be clunky and heavy - shoes and boots have become lighter and warmer. Don’t forget to add a pair of colorful wool socks for added warmth.

Inside the House

When you’re settled in for the night, a fluffy blanket can be the best way to stay warm and comfortable. Look for blankets that are made of natural fibers and materials. Socks and slippers make the perfect addition so you won’t get chilly when you’re walking around the house.

Windows and doors can also let in drafts and a quick check of seals and locks that need replacing can cut down your electric bills and make the house warmer. One handy idea to keep drafts from coming under the door - take a pool noodle, wrap it up in towels, and push it against the bottom of the door. When summer arrives, you can take the noodle to the pool or beach!

Make a Comfort Menu

There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of soup or stew to ward off the chill of autumn. Don’t forget to brew up a pot of your favorite coffee or tea - and hot chocolate is an excellent way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Don’t stop there - bake your favorite cookies and cakes. You’ll fill the house with tantalizing scents, and the heat from the oven will add to the cozy atmosphere.

Winter’s arrival doesn’t have to be a bummer - keeping warm and active can help you enjoy the season. After all, spring is only a short six months away!

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