Friday, October 16, 2020

4 Types of Desk Organization

Working from home or in an office cubicle? Desk organization keeps your daily tasks running smoothly. Follow these four types of desk organization to keep your space clean–no matter where you are working from. 

Project and Task Organization

Avoid placing sticky notes all over your desk and office as reminders. This clutters the space, and people forget to look at them, anyway. Instead, use Google Sheets or Excel for your daily tasks and other projects. Here, you can prioritize everything that needs to be done. Give each item a due date so you stay on track. If you would rather handwriting everything, use a weekly organizer to plan down to the minute. 

Use a calendar for major projects, events, and meetings. A desk calendar or calendar pinned to the wall gives you easy writing access. Calendars are useful to glance at for the date when signing important documents.

Paper and Office Tool Organization

Sometimes organization tools are necessary for all the paper, pencils, and other office tools you have lying around. For on top of your desk, a small desk caddy is perfect to place your writing utensils, pushpins, and paper clips. An organization box has compartments to keep a cell phone, spare change, and other private belongings. 

Many times desk drawers get overlooked because the inside materials are hidden when closed. Steer clear from a messy “junk drawer” with an expandable drawer organizer. Keep important papers from getting lost or ruined with an accordion ring binder

It is easy to misplace items when traveling often or working in the office a few times a week. Keep your laptop and other materials in one place with a laptop travel backpack. Stay charged while on the go with a USB cord connected to the port. 

Electronic Organization

Cables and wires typically get out of hand around office desks with the many electronics. Stay organized and minimize the number of tangled materials. First, use fewer wires by going wireless with these items. 

A 3-in-1 charger will keep all your batteries fully charged. Easily organize the rest of the cables left with a cable organizer. The unique design allows you to use a large range of cables. The magnetic base and clips make it simple to return the cables to the correct position.

Desktop and Laptop Organization

Have you ever spent a long time trying to find a file on your desktop? While less paper keeps your physical desk more organized, sometimes your virtual files get messy. Spend a day organizing your folders and files. You must continue to coordinate so that this never happens again. 

Give each file a name easy to search. Name folders consistently. Everyone has a different method that works best for them, so take some time to figure yours out. Consider organizing folders by year, topic, or client. 

Stay Organized

Your desk organization will keep you productive throughout the workweek. If you are looking for more desk organization items, head to our website

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