Friday, October 2, 2020

Using Branded Products for the Greater Good of Your Community

Enhance what is around your community. Make sure your business has its bests interest in the environment, economy, and society. Get active, stop using single-use products, recycle, and give back. Use branded products for the greater good of your community.

Encourage Health and Wellness

Motivate your customers and employees to stay active. Here are a few promotional products that your company can put branding on and give out to people:

Caring for mental health is just as important as physical health. Besides bringing awareness to mental health online, gift stress relief products. Some adults find that coloring books or word puzzles take a weight off their shoulder. 

Hand out educational brochures that help manage stress levels. Outline symptoms, signs, and causes of stress, so that your customers and employees can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Bring support to health awareness days, weeks, and months. Stay up-to-date with this health awareness calendar. Use branded products to back these important days by using their special colors or ribbons. Find products that make sense for each occasion. 

Replace Single-Use Products

Stop using single-use products to the best of your ability. Purchase branded products that serve a purpose. Get your customers to use reusable bags by running a promotion. Give them branded bags after they turn in their single-use plastic bags. 

With people in America wearing masks to stay safe from COVID-19, give customers reusable masks instead of the ones that get thrown away after each use. This promotes safety and less waste in landfills. 

Remember to Recycle

Recycling is the next step after ditching single-use products. There are restrictions on what can be recycled, so be aware of all the rules and regulations. Get your employees to join you by purchasing each of them mini recycling bins to put in their office spaces. 

Some promotional products have batteries in them, like handheld fans or flashlights. If your business uses or gives out any battery-operated products, have information on battery drop stations readily available. Batteries can be hazardous in landfills, so it is important to recycle properly. 

Giving Back

Give back to the biggest supporters in your community by donating, supporting, and volunteering. Sponsor a local sports team by donating branded T-shirts or jerseys for them to wear during games. 

Many schools and local organizations hold fundraisers during this time of year. Give branded products for them to make raffle baskets, or even make an entire basket yourself to give to them. Raffle baskets are big money makers at all-you-can-eat and drink fundraising events. Your business is not only helping an organization in your community but also getting more brand awareness from the donation. 

Where Can I Find Branded Products?

Skylight Creative Ideas have all the branded products that you need for the greater good of your community. You can customize these products to your business needs. Have questions or want to learn more about how to use branded products? Call us at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.


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