Friday, September 11, 2020

How to Use Branded Products to Attract New Clients

There are many forms of media to attract new clients, so why should you use branded products? They are tangible, unlike radio ads, commercials, and social media advertising. These products are useful and people want to keep them. 

branded products

Branding creates a memorable impression on new clients. They will know what to expect from your company based on these products. It is a way to set your business apart from your competitors. 

This is how your business can use branded products to attract new clients.

  • Create Emotional Connections

  • Promote Wellness

  • Build Relationships

  • Provide Creative Products 

Create Emotional Connections

Find out what your client base cares about to make an emotional connection. Donate useful products to a charity that they believe in. If they care about the environment, offer eco-friendly products like reusable bags and water bottles.

Word-of-mouth is an effective part of attracting new clients. People are more likely to talk about your business positively when emotional connections are made. 

Promote Wellness

Spread the word about your business while encouraging healthy choices. Wellness products are in high demand right now. 

Since at-home-gyms are trending, offer these branded products to your potential clients:

Other types of wellness products that will get a lot of use out of include:

Build Relationships

Listen to your current and potential client’s needs. Make sure research is done on the client and their industry. Look for opportunities to give out branded products that improve their day-to-day life.

If they spend a lot of time looking at the computer everyday, blue light glasses are a nice gesture to prevent headaches. For clients that are always on the go, this RoadTrip Charging Station can charge their phone and hold extra pens in case they need it.  

Do not forget to deliver top-notch customer service. This helps form a strong structure to maintain your business relationship. 

Provide Creative Products

Everybody loves a free t-shirt and baseball cap, but sometimes that gets old. Attract new clients with innovative products. Spark interest in your company. This could be something inspiring or funny. 

Some of the most creative promotional products that Skylight Creative has done includes:

  • Microfiber Pet Beds for a boutique hotel to give out to customers who bring pets

  • Custom Jenga Set for a national bar chain to use for managers at their company education meetings

  • Phone Tripod, Phone Lens Set and Carrying Case for a company to give out to potential clients at music festivals and outdoor events

  • Candy Tins for a client who wanted to get more people at their booth and the result was that people stopped by their booth and chatted while picking out the candy to fill their tins


Interested in learning more about the creative products that we have done in the past? Want creative new ideas for your upcoming promotions? Email Bob Titelman at

Choose the Right Products for Your Target Audience

Stay innovative and creative! Branded products show that your business listens to clients and what they are interested in. Attract new clients and build strong relationships with your branded products. 

Skylight Creative Ideas is a full-service promotional products company and has been a leader in the industry since 1977. Our goal is to provide innovative ideas, top-notch customer service, and quality products to help our clients meet and exceed their marketing and branding objectives. 


If you have questions or want to learn more about Skylight Creative Ideas, call us at 410.879.8401 or contact us on the website.


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