Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beach Essentials for Your Customers

Summer is finally here and beach fever is starting to hit everyone. The sun, the ocean and most importantly, family and friends. You know it's beach time when the Ocean City, Maryland commercials are on every local channel and you can't help but to hop in your car for a quick trip. Ever thought about giving your customers/prospects beach supplies? Why not get your logo in front of them while they're having the most fun! Here are some essential beach items that are great promotional items for your employees, prospects and current customers.

Sunscreen - Block out sun rays with this tottle bottle of SPF 30 sunscreen. It's perfect for people on the go and those last minute beach trips. It even comes with SPF 15 chap balm, with Aloe Vera, UVA, and UVB protectors. If you're not a beach-goer, these are great for any outdoor event such as picnics or sports games!

Beach Towel - Showcase your logo and a witty saying with a custom beach towel - they last forever and will be reused for years to come.

Umbrella - Keep your customers/prospects cool in the shade with a beach umbrella. What's better than someone recognizing you at the beach based on the company name printed on the umbrella?

Beach Chairs - Take this fabulous reclining chair along to the beach, pool or lake. Not only will it get reused, it can even get passed down to other family members/friends.

Sunglasses - Block out sun rays with stylish sunglasses. It's a must for beach-goers - they can be as simple/sleek, or colorful as you'd like.

Flip Flops - Walk to the boardwalk in style with branded flip flops. Talk about brand visibility in just one wear!

Cooler - Give your customers the gift of ice cold drinks with a portable cooler! This is a perfect gift for top-performing employees and one-of-a-kind customers.

Beach Bag - These are perfect for a day at the beach, travel, even promotional and corporate events. The straps give that pop of color that's perfect for summer.

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