Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10 Items for the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Here at Skylight Creative Ideas, we love the Walking Dead - and what we've learned from watching Rick Grimes, is that it's important to be prepared. In a zombie apocalypse, being prepared means you can handle any scenario, no matter how gruesome. The best approach to survival, is packing practical and conventional items within your zombie kit. Here's what we suggest when it comes to outliving the undead.

Not only do you need a flashlight to illuminate your path, it can double as a weapon if you’re ever in a pinch. Mag lights are the best, but you can use what you find.

Without the luxuries of technology, navigation will be a little bit different without Google Maps. Make sure you know where you're going to get to safety.

Fire Starter
With the power grid shut down this will be a handy tool for cooking, keeping warm and burning those bothersome undead bodies you're racking up.

Multi Tool
It's everything you need in one fantastic tool. Mini-Saw: check, mini-knife: check, mini-screwdriver: check, maximum daily use: double check.

Paracord Bracelet
Rope is going to be an everyday part of your life now. Whether you are trying to secure a tent, rig a pully system or even make a tourniquet, this will definitely come in handy….better wear one on both wrists.

It’s the tool at Rick Grimes’ hip at all times. This can be a weapon or a tool and it's easy to carry.

Can Opener
Once all of the fresh food spoils those cans will be like gold. Make sure you have the availability to open them easily to avoid any unwanted injuries.

Water Bottle with Filter

One cannot live on water alone, but you can make it through those tough times when you’re short on food with some clean water.

No-brainer here. To ward off the swarms of the undead you are going to need a concealed weapon.

First Aid Kit
Let’s face it, other than the imminent danger of walkers circling you every day you still have to make it through normal life. This can help you live through a variety of injuries.

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