Friday, October 4, 2019

Do Stress Balls Really Work?

Life can be quite overwhelming at times and we don’t always have instant relief when we get stressed out. Stress balls were invented in the 80’s as a quick way to let off some steam. Often times, you will find a stress ball sitting on someone’s office desk. Some people may regularly squeeze them, while others seem to just use them as an office accessory. Have you ever tried to squeeze a stress ball when you feel overwhelmed? Did you feel any relief? Here is what you need to know about stress balls and their uses.

How Stress Balls Work

High stress levels can eventually begin to affect your physical and mental health. Maintaining a low level of stress really helps to improve your quality of life. There are several ways to relieve stress and stress balls are often overlooked. 

Typically, they are made of a gel and are designed to fit in the palm of your hand. When you squeeze the stress ball, it activates the muscles in both your hands and wrists. Releasing your grip then allows the muscles to relax. This repeated motion helps to alleviate tension and relieve stress.

Physical Injuries

Though stress balls are known to be for mental stress, they also are great for soothing hand and wrist injuries as well. It is a tool used for physical therapy when hand and wrist muscles weaken due to a sprain, arthritis, or daily use. To use the stress to rehabilitate muscles, you have to hold it in the palm of your hand and squeeze as tight as you can. 

Hold this tight grip for about five seconds then release the stress ball. You want to repeat this about 10 times in one sitting. You can also use a firm stress ball as a foot massager. Slowly roll your feet over the stress ball to relieve muscle tension and soreness.

Other Uses

Stress balls are versatile and don’t only have to be used when you are feeling tense. You can use a stress ball during work meetings to ensure that you are remaining alert and attentive. When you feel yourself getting tired, bored, or disinterested, use a stress ball to keep your hands occupied and help to keep you awake. 

Stress balls are great to use for gift bags at business trade shows and conferences since the workplace is the most common place to find them! You can also use a stress ball as a way to enhance communication skills in your home. If you are having a family meeting, use the stress ball to designate whose turn it is to speak. This helps to encourage healthy communication and listening skills

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