Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Keep Off-site Employees Engaged

A growing percentage of the workforce is now working remotely, and in a few years, the percentage will increase. Global Workforce Analytics reports that about 63 million Americans worked from home in 2016, for an average of two days each month.

It can be a challenge to keep off-site employees engaged, especially if you're with a large company with onsite employees as well. Here's how to keep employees engaged day in and day out.
  1. Daily contact - whether it's a phone call or video conference, it's important for off-site employees to feel engaged and connected with supervisors/onsite employees. Not only does it help build stronger relationships, it promotes team building.
  2. Engage off-site employees with recognition - it can be as simple as a typical pat on the back or words of praise, even a monetary award or promotion. To make them feel like a part of the company, send promotional products (notebooks, pens, clothing) or a welcome package to give them a sense of purpose within the company. 
  3. Create a newsletter - to keep your off-site employees in the loop, send a company newsletter that includes company updates and employee recognition. In addition to daily contact, a company newsletter gives your employees a big picture view of what's going on in the company from operations and sales, to marketing and IT.
  4. Create an employee incentive program - incentive programs are great motivators for employees and can even inspire healthy competition. Depending on the goal of the program, give aways could be branded promotional products such as adult coloring books, phone chargers, custom shoes, or laptop bags. 
  5. Encourage local involvement - by giving your employees the opportunity to represent the company at local conferences, networking events, and job fairs they automatically feel connected and proud to be a part of your company. You could even give your off-site employees promotional products to give out at local events. 
Off-site employees need company engagement in order to feel valued and a part of something bigger. After all, this population is exponentially increasing each day.

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