Thursday, March 23, 2017

Skylight Creative Ideas Approach

We love the promotional product industry and thrive in a creative environment. Skylight isn’t just another promotional product company. We take the time to understand your goals, budget and overall vision to come up with creative ideas that align with your brand. We become part of your team and take pride in your successes whether it’s a trade show, employee incentive program or event. To give you a sense of how we work with other companies, here are two clients we helped from start to finish.

Dog-friendly hotel - A few months ago, a regional hotel chain had just announced they were accepting dogs in their hotels. In their efforts to communicate with dog owners, they developed a campaign to encourage customers to bring their furry friends to the hotel. To elevate their idea even further, the hotel contacted Skylight to come up with a dog-friendly package/promotional item to “wow” their hotel guests. After discussing budget and the overall theme of the campaign with the team, Skylight produced custom dog beds for the hotel - using the slogan “Your dog has a place to sleep when you stay with us.” Not only did Skylight take care of the tactical elements of the campaign, they worked with the hotel to discuss company goals and budget to come up with the perfect solution.

A handful of candy - For the past few years there has been a small trade show in Ocean City, Maryland promoting Maryland business. Whether it’s investing in the community or drawing businesses to the county, it’s really about strengthening the state of Maryland. Our client - who was participating in the show - came to us knowing he wanted to blow the competitors out of the water with a unique promotional item. After digging a bit deeper into his vision, he told us that a friendly competitor gave out baked goods the year before and it was a huge hit. The team at Skylight got to work on coming up with an idea that would be memorable, lasting and tasty. What better way to interact with potential clients than a one-stop candy shop! With multiple buckets of candy and branded tins, it gave customers a chance to slow down and interact with the booth on a personal level opposed to quickly grabbing a cookie. It was a huge hit, and spurred conversation naturally throughout the entire trade show. We couldn’t be prouder!

Stories like this are why we enjoy what we do day in and day out. We use promotional products to elevate a brand experience through multiple outlets. If you’d like to hear more successes, drop us a line!

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