Friday, September 17, 2021

Trending Gifts and Gadgets for Trade Shows


When it comes to gifts and gadgets, there are so many items on the market that making a purchase can feel overwhelming! You want to purchase a promotion gift or gadget for a tradeshow, but where should a business even begin? We’ve got you covered! We are sharing a few ideas below to get you thinking about promotional products for your next tradeshow.

Webcam Covers

Webcam covers - in our digital world, everyone could use one, but people often don’t think about purchasing this for themselves. Most of our meetings are being conducted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams these days. When we’re not online, it’s nice to know that these small webcam covers can stick right to your device’s camera for an extra level of privacy. This is also a great promotional product to personalize, because users will see your brand everytime they look at their computer screen!

Cord Organizers

What is more annoying than a workspace with cords tangled around one another? Your trade show booth guests will love picking up a cord organizer to take home with them. These simple organizational products can stick right to your device and keep cords like chargers or headphones neatly in order. Booth guests will appreciate taking these home to help keep their spaces neat and organized.

Personalized Pop Sockets

If you’ve ever held an iPhone or Android mobile device in your hand, you know these can get heavier throughout the day. That’s why pop sockets were invented! These nifty devices stick to the back of your cell phone to provide more comfort and stability as users navigate their phones. Consider personalizing pop sockets with your company logo to give away at your booth. Cell phones are something that comes with us everywhere we go, so branding your company to a pop socket means your business will be in front of potential customers at all times.

Power Banks

Attending a trade show means a lot of hours on your feet and away from your hotel room. Many attendees will be looking for a place to charge their mobile device or tablet as the day goes on. Branding and giving away small power banks could be a lifesaver for every attendee! These small and portable devices rapidly charge cell phones, tablets or other electronic devices. It’s a great thing for people to carry around in their purse or work bag, in case they run into an unexpected battery loss while away from the house.

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