Sunday, December 29, 2019

4 Must-Have Office Desk Essentials

Your office desk is essentially your home away from home. It acts as a workspace, lunch table, medicine cabinet, and anything else you need to use it for throughout the workday. People typically spend more time at their office desk than they do at home, so it’s important to make it your own. Here are four must-have office desk essentials for any employee! 

Office Jacket/Blanket

No matter what the weather is outside, it seems as though the office is always freezing cold. A jacket or blanket that you keep at the office will keep you cozy and able to work comfortably. This doesn’t have to be a formal blazer. In fact, it can just be a hoodie, sweatshirt, or even a blanket that you keep stored specifically for those chilly office days.

Hygiene Products

It’s good to keep emergency hygiene products just in case you need to freshen up at any given time or aren’t feeling well. Whether a surprise meeting arises halfway through the day or your coworkers decided on a last minute happy hour after work, store some hygiene products to give you the opportunity to freshen up. This could be a portable toothbrush for after lunch, mouthwash, deodorant, bandaids, tissues, and more.


You should always have pens handy on your desk because you never know when notes will need to be taken. You may get calls throughout the day that require you to write important information, so having pens handy is great so that you won’t forget any important notes. When you have meetings, you can simply grab a pen and notepad to jot down important highlights rather than having to transport your entire laptop to the conference room.

Stress Balls

The work day can bring a variety of stressful situations. Whether a project deadline is quickly approaching or a client is unhappy with your work, a lot of curveballs can be thrown at you within the work day. Keep some of that stress away by keeping stress balls on your desk that you can squeeze when you start to feel frustrated or overwhelmed. Stress balls come in all different shapes and sizes to match the decor of your desk or your personal interests.

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