Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Sweet Treats: The M&M

The M&M is a classic Mars candy that we all know and love. These round, mini treats give us
just the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness in every one. Over the years, M&M’s grew and
evolved, offering several different flavor varieties. Here is all you need to know about the great

The Infamous “M”

Many people think that the “M” on the M&M candies stand for Mars, which is partially true, but
there is more to the story. Frank C Mars founded Mars Inc. in 1911, but passed it down to his
son Forrest Mars Sr. upon his retirement.

Forrest Mars Sr. traveled abroad and noticed British
soldiers were eating small candies with a small center and hard shell, which was very
convenient for the summertime.

Upon his return, he found a new partner, William Murrie, the
son of the president of Hershey’s, and called their company Mars & Murrie. In 1941, the Plain
M&M Chocolate Candies were introduced.

Popularity Increase

When M&M’s first came out in the 40’s, they were only sold to the U.S Armed Forces. This is
because the chocolate candies were heat resistant and good for long travel. They are still
included in MRE (Meals ready to eat) rations for soldiers.

However, they began selling these candies to the public and by the 1950’s, M&M’s became so popular that many companies have tried to imitate it. This is when the “M” was stamped onto each candy to differentiate it from imposters.

In 1954, the M&M Peanut Chocolate Candies were introduced and the color used to
stamp the “m” changed from black to white.

Out of This World

Mars & Murrie began to butt heads when M&M’s gained popularity, ending with Mars buying the
company back in only his name. In the 1980’s M&M’s made history by being the first candy to
go to outer space. The Columbia Space Shuttle chose M&M’s as their snack of choice to take
on their journey in 1981.

M&M’s made history again in 1984 when the Olympics named them the official snack of the
Olympics. During the 80’s, M&M’s also went global, reaching Asia, Australia, Europe, and

Customized Candies

In 2004, M&M launched “My M&M’s”, an online service that allows consumers to customize
messages on their chocolate candies. This was a great advance in the promotional product
industry, allowing people to create customized candies for company events, weddings,
birthdays, and more.

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