Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Local Breast Cancer Donation Options

Though Breast Cancer Awareness is important all year round, the month of October is deemed Breast Cancer Awareness month. This gives people a chance to focus on its importance, contribute to research, and spread awareness across the globe. 

Skylight Creative Ideas would like to share some local breast cancer donation options so that you can contribute in your community! 

John Hopkins Breast Center Funds

John Hopkins medical center offers three different breast cancer fund options that work to improve evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of women with breast cancer.

     Breast Center Education, Outreach, & Survivorship Fund: Donating to this fund allows John Hopkins Breast Center to continue their educational programs that teach women and families about breast cancer itself, prevention, awareness, early detection, and provide support to those who have been diagnosed.

     Breast Center Quality of Life Research Fund: This fund supports new research regarding breast cancer survivorship. Breast cancer survivors deal with a multitude of long-term side effects from chemotherapy as well as permanent physical changes that can potentially be devastating. This fund keeps research going to provide solutions for post-treatment issues so that survivors have a high quality of life after treatment.

     Patient Advocacy Fund: This Fund provides resources to educate healthcare providers at John Hopkins on the best ways to advocate for patients. This fund is geared more towards the psychological struggles that women encounter while dealing with breast cancer and all of the questions that they may have along the way.

American Cancer Society

Located in Baltimore, MD, the American Cancer Society is committed to their mission of educating the public about all of the issues that are associated with Breast Cancer. 

They provide services for both patients and caregivers to ensure the best care possible during this difficult journey. Their free services assist patients in managing their treatment and recovery while also providing emotional support.

The Tyanna Foundation

The Tyanna Foundation puts a different spin on breast cancer awareness by implementing several fun, interactive events throughout the year that help raise money for breast cancer awareness. 

This foundation was founded by Anne O’Brien, daughter of Tyanna O’Brien, who lost her life to breast cancer. She and her five sisters carry on their mother’s legacy through this foundation by working hard to make breast cancer more comfortable for patients.

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