Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Logo Can Go on What?

In almost 40 years of being in business we have gotten some pretty crazy requests for products with logos. These range from toilet paper to sails. The craziest item we have printed though has to be a urinal cake - no joke.

We print on the most common and the most unique items you can think of. Here are 5 Unique Product Categories with items that you might not have realized can be branded.
1. Seasonal Items- seasonal items can get the office in the holiday spirit and can be sent as a thank you or something used as a memento to remember an accomplishment or event.
a.     Beanies
b.     Ornaments
c.     Slippers

2. Healthy Living – Show you care about your potential customers and encourage them to get/stay healthy with your products.
a.     Pedometer
b.     Lunch/snack containers
c.     Sunscreen

3. Candy and Snacks- Who doesn’t love getting a sweet treat? When you hand out branded snack foods people are going to remember the name on the treat.
a.     Custom candy wrappers
b.     Containers of mints
c.     Candy dispensers

4. Tools and Hardware – Most people expect a pen, maybe a notepad and a pen. If your company gives out useful tools they will use time and time again, your brand will be a constant reminder to your customers of the positive experience they had with you.
a.     Measuring tape
b.     Screwdriver
c.     Multi tool

5. Games- everyone could use a distraction sitting at their desk so why not have your name on it.
a.     Rubik’s cube
b.     Mini dominion set
c.     Magic 8 Ball

If you are ready to stand out with a unique product then contact us so we can make it happen.

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