Friday, May 7, 2021

5 Cool Ideas for Trophies: Sports and Academic Awards

It's that time of year—the school year is wrapping up, along with this season's sports leagues and club. Before we take a little break over the summertime to recharge and unwind, it can be important to take stock of the past year and recognize the hard work of students and athletes. Everyone loves to feel recognized, and while encouraging words are great, there is something special about receiving a trophy. A trophy is something you will hold onto for a long time. Each time you look at your award, you will remember your hard work and unique talents. Why not get creative with it? There are so many qualities to be applauded of our students and teammates, and we're here to help with five fun ideas for trophies. 

The Innovator Award

While academic achievements like test scores and grades are often recognized, sometimes the more intangible gifts our students' possess can be overlooked or undervalued. There are many different types of intelligence. Giving an award for creativity and innovation can be a great way to encourage students who may not necessarily have the top grades in the class but offer original ideas or inventive ways to approach problems. 

The Helping Hand Award

Is there an athlete on your team who always helps clean up after practice? Or a student who goes out of their way to loan someone their classroom supplies? The world needs as many helpful and caring people as possible, and what better way to say you appreciate their compassion than a fun helping hand trophy. 

The Curiosity Award

One of the great keys to knowledge is curiosity. Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." Developing a keen sense of interest will help students' desire to learn and discover new things. You can give this award to a student or athlete who tried something new or put themselves out of their comfort zone this year. 

The Unstoppable Award

One of the most valuable qualities in an athlete is the ability to get back up after a missed goal or a fall and to brush yourself off and try again. Sometimes it is the character of our athletes and students that is more important than any individual skill. A student who got back up after a perceived failure and kept going is a person worthy of a trophy. 

The Mood Booster Award

We all know that particular teammate or student with the unique ability to make us break into a smile or a laugh, even after a hard day or at a tense moment. Sometimes discouraged as the class clown, there can be real value to someone who good-naturedly brightens a room. Whether it's with jokes or general silliness, it's always great to have that person around to help turn someone's frown upside down and lift the mood. This ability requires a certain amount of self-awareness, kindness, and energy, and we should show appreciation! 

As you wrap up your academic year and think of ways to recognize your students, we hope this list will help set you on your path to show appreciation in fun and exciting ways. Skylight Creative Ideas is your source for all of your trophy and award needs, and we offer some of the best prices around. When you're ready, check out our inventory at

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