Saturday, April 24, 2021

Spring Sports Accessories You Need

Playing sports or attending sporting events this spring? Do your clients love the outdoors? Check out our full list of spring sporting accessories by category. Get inspired for your next team fundraiser or customer promotional giveaway.

Baseball Accessories for Fans and Players

Baseball fans for little league, recreational league, or even high school baseball need a comfy seat to sit in. When you are sitting in the bleachers for a long time, your bottom and back may hurt. Here, stadium seats are the best bet! Get customizable ones to sell as a fundraiser for your team. 

Other stadiums don’t have enough seating or any at all. Consider getting some customized folding chairs so that each fan can sit and cheer on their loved one.

What about baseball equipment? Add your team’s branding to baseballs, baseball bats, baseball caps, and even their uniform! 

Golf Outing Items

Tee time is finally back for the year! Long days playing golf in the sun take a toll on your health. Do you take clients to golf outings often? Keep branded water bottles or sunscreen handy to give them as a gift. Avoid the sun in your eyes with an umbrella or twill cap.

Every golfer loves to get promotional products. For a fun spring promotion, give away golf balls, tees, or ball markers. Oh—and don’t forget about the koozies! 

Lacrosse Fundraiser Ideas

Lacrosse is a big high school and college sport. Get creative with your next team fundraiser! Apparel is always a huge hit. Consider customizing crew socks or a t-shirt with your team’s logo. If you're looking to sell a lot of items at a low price point, try raising money with lacrosse trading pins or lacrosse chenille lapel pins.

Track and Field Apparel and More

Fans of track and field participants know that spring weather sometimes is all over the place. Have blankets, rain ponchos, and umbrellas for sale so they have something to purchase when the weather goes amiss. Be sure to add the team’s branding so the fans have something to use at all the upcoming games!

While traveling, participants need something to bring their running shoes, equipment, and extra apparel along with them. Fully customized backpacks are an important accessory, so they keep everything together and organized.

Tennis Necessities

A tennis player isn’t complete without their tennis ball, tennis racket, and sun visor. For people that play tennis on a team or for leisure, tennis can truly take a toll on the body. As a promotional product for your business, consider giving out customized foam rollers or resistance bands for something they always use for pain relief.

Find Your Spring Sports Promotional Products

Have these spring sports accessories sparked ideas for your business or team? Check out our website to find tons of promotional products. Stay up-to-date with our seasonal-related promotional product ideas and new arrivals on our LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages.


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