Friday, May 8, 2020

4 Warm Weather Employee Appreciation Items

Even though COVID-19 means this summer will start off a little different than usual, warm weather and outdoor activities are still right around the corner. Showing your employees how much you appreciate them in times like these can help you retain good talent. The items below are great warm weather employee appreciation items that can help you say “thank you” for keepin’ on keepin’ on during this trying time.

Insulated Water Bottles

Summertime can get hot and humid, especially in the mid-Atlantic. Lately, health and safety have played a more dominant role in the news than ever due to COVID-19 – but that’s not the only thing that you should be focusing on when taking care of yourself.

Staying hydrated can help you prevent heat-related illness and recover more quickly from illnesses that include fevers. By providing refillable, insulated water bottles, you can help keep your employees hydrated and healthy throughout the hot summer months.

Company Branded T-Shirt

You may have seen on our social media this past week that the average person owns 27 t-shirts. That may seem like a lot of t-shirts. But the truth is, you can never have enough. They’re the perfect casual go-to in the summer months.

For people who are working remotely, a comfortable company t-shirt with sweats is the ideal outfit for a team Zoom meeting. Then, when things start to open back up, these t-shirts work both as ideal weekend apparel and a walking company advertisement.


Spending time outside can help with cabin fever and dealing with any leftover winter blues. Many people enjoy going for long hikes or camping trips when the weather warms up, which makes a good cooler an important piece of summer equipment.

There are a number of different types of coolers that you can choose from for warm weather employee appreciation items:

·         Simple cooler lunch bags
·         Roll up cooler bags
·         Flap cooler bags
·         Cooler tote bags

If you know that your employees are outdoorsy or enjoy spending time poolside, these make great gifts as the summer months set in.

Can or Bottle Koozies

There’s nothing like knocking back a cold one in the summer months. Whether that means water, soda, or an adult beverage, keeping it cool makes it all that more enjoyable. Branded koozies are classic for keeping drinks cold in the summer months. In fact, brides have even started giving them away as favors during the wedding season.

There are a few different types of koozies you can choose from. Classic can and bottle koozies are made from the scuba fabric that you’re used to. However, in the past year or so, stainless steel koozies have started to explode in popularity. Whichever route you go, you can customize color and add branding!

Get Your Summer Employee Appreciation Items

With Memorial Day coming in just a few weeks and the official start of summer on June 20th, there’s no better time to order your summer employee appreciation items than right now.
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