Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Brand Events with Promotional Products

Anytime you're hosting an event it's important to take advantage of not only the event itself, but the time leading up to the event, and the follow-up after everyone's left. Multiple touch points resonates with your audience, making you more memorable and credible throughout the customer journey.

Before the event

Think about how you're promoting the event - while you could post a flyer in a business park or send a generic email to your contact list, that doesn't build interest or anticipation. Stand out from the crowd by sending something personalized, perhaps a printed invitation, or an online campaign. Stay true to your brand story and you'll be sure to drive attendance.

At the event

During the event it's your time to shine with a solid understanding of what makes your business unique, branded promotional products and stellar employees to tie it all together. Think about the following factors when it comes time to put on your event:
  • Do people walk up a sidewalk to get to the event? Put flags or banners along the sidewalk.
  • Is the event outside? Have a branded tent.
  • There is most likely gonna be a table there right? Put a tablecloth on it with your logo.
  • Do people have name badges at your event? Brand them.
  • Are bags being handed out? Make sure they say your name.
  • Is coffee being served? Make sure it is impossible to grab a cup without knowing who provided it.
After the event  

Make sure people remember you and keep talking about you even when your event is over. Send them home with a small gift. This will turn into free marketing for you - a tote bag will be seen in stores and on the street, a travel mug can be taken anywhere from business meetings to soccer game sidelines and spark up conversation.

A final gesture to your guests is sending a personalized thank you card. People don’t get much personal mail anymore so sending a thank-you card would stand out and make you memorable.

Always think about the entirety of the event from beginning to end. Properly plan your promotional products and your event will be a night/day to remember.

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